Swimming the Channel

  paddyjack 21:48 18 Sep 10

Why are all swims of the Channel from England to France. Just a thought.

  MAJ 22:00 18 Sep 10

England to Gibraltar is just wayyyyyy too far.

  sunnystaines 22:00 18 Sep 10

only the english daft enough to try

  paddyjack 22:03 18 Sep 10

sunnystaines not exactly true heard on the news about about a French person(did not catch the name) about to swim it and he lost all his limbs in an accident.

  Woolwell 22:44 18 Sep 10

Not all swims are from England to France. A few actually do it both ways! click here

  morddwyd 08:17 19 Sep 10

Because if you come the other way you disappear, never to be heard of again, except to cash your benefit cheque.

  Quickbeam 09:22 19 Sep 10

By that reasoning there is much more benefit in swimming from France...

  Blackhat 10:51 19 Sep 10

click here

  bri-an 11:22 19 Sep 10

"Why are all swims of the Channel from England to France."

Obvious, it's downhill that way.

  jakimo 14:26 19 Sep 10

Why would a Frenchmen want to come here?

  Kevscar1 15:04 19 Sep 10

There are lot of swims start from France, the reason you never here about them is because they are illegal immigrants.

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