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Surgeon anger at TV crew during Cameron visit

  john 52 12:55 15 Jun 11
  TopCat® 13:22 15 Jun 11

Good for him! I think he had every reason to be angry. This was a sanitised area and should have been respected by anyone with a crumb of common sense. TC.

  spider9 13:32 15 Jun 11

This kind of photo-op has been going on under all governments, and one presumes that it would have all been arranged at the hospital senior management level.

If not then the PM should be sacking from his entourage whoever didn't do his/her job properly.

Cameron looked quite shell-shocked, and I sympathise with him in his embarrassment. (Unless the particular surgeon had a personal axe to grind!). No doubt we'll find out in the fullness of time.

  Cymro. 13:52 15 Jun 11

People like this cameraman sometimes have a kind of arrogance about them. They seem to think they can go and poke their lenses anywhere and everywhere that suits them. All this is done in the name of free speech. Well there is a limit even to free speech.

Mind you I must also say that there are some senior consultants that are also arrogant. But this was his territory and he was right to defend it against intrusive and probably non sterile cameramen.

  birdface 15:18 15 Jun 11

Firstly if I was prime minister and someone spoke to me like that I think they would be looking for a new job.

I think the Surgeon reaction was way over the top and I am sure he could have been a bit more polite and removed them at the same time.

His staff must have allowed the Camera men and the PM in so the surgeon should have been angry with them and not the Pm.

Now at least he knows who runs the hospitals and it is obviously not the government.

So obviously not a supported of the governments new deal for the NHS.

I can only think that the surgeon did not recognised the Pm and will regret his action now.

  john 52 15:31 15 Jun 11

At the end of the day it is the consultant who responsible for the care of the patients and Labour are as guilty as the coalition government of using stage managed situations to promote a policy ! perhaps he objected to his patients being used in a publicity shoot which is what it was.

  Cymro. 15:34 15 Jun 11

strong textbutman="Now at least he knows who runs the hospitals and it is obviously not the government"

In the pecking order of things the medico. is top dog not some poitico. looking for a good bit of press coverage.

  Joseph Kerr 17:20 15 Jun 11

"Firstly if I was prime minister and someone spoke to me like that I think they would be looking for a new job."

In which case you think wrong. Have a think about it.

I somewhat envy the man. I mean, at least he got to kick them out.

  HondaMan 17:30 15 Jun 11

Nice one Doc! Glad to see someone is more concerned about his patient than publicity

  sunnystaines 19:20 15 Jun 11

good doc

  Grey Goo 19:54 15 Jun 11

Err actually this Dr Angry was in his outdoor clothes also. Having worked in Pharmaceuticals and particularly in clean areas, I am always amazed at the apparent cross contamination potential in Hospitals. At the very basic level just having a requirement for all persons entering wards to don disposable overshoes might reduce the particulates.

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