Superstitions = cobblers?

  lisa02 12:37 24 Jun 07

Are you superstitious and have evidence of such things?

Or are you like me and sometimes think there might be a bit of truth in them and try not to tempt fate?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:01 24 Jun 07

Utter cobblers IMHO and a sign that people have not evolved past the 15th century. I firmly believe that anyone who thinks that their life can be guided by astrological or spiritual forces needs a session or two with a good psychiatrist.


  Forum Editor 13:04 24 Jun 07

Ditto with bells on.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:22 24 Jun 07

Anyone care to add religeon to the list of cobblers?


  Si_L 13:30 24 Jun 07

I am not superstitious, but I am interested to know how Gandalf and FE think these superstitions came about in the first place.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:47 24 Jun 07

Religion and customs seems to be the root of many here many suprstitions came about due to people being unable to accept self-responsibility for bad outcomes and the need to blame anything or anyone else for any woes that might have befallen them.


  Joe R 13:50 24 Jun 07


I would certainly add religion to the list.

That is only my opinion though, and realise there are some deeply religious people, who take their faith very seriously.

  Forum Editor 13:53 24 Jun 07


  TopCat® 14:58 24 Jun 07

Here's a few more superstitions to ponder at your leisure click here Where and how some of them came about must date back to medieval times and beyond.

Not superstitious myself but I have been quite astonished at the strength of belief held by others I've met, including some of my own family members. TC.

  laurie53 15:49 24 Jun 07

Some superstitions are based on loose facts though.

"God Bless You" after sneezing was because sneezing was one of the first symptoms of plague (and some other things) and was a genuine prayer for someone's continued well being.

There can be few who have not heard of the origins of third light unlucky. It is a genuine fact that the flare of the match drew the sniper's attention, second light gave hime a chance to steady and aim, and it was the third guy that got it.

On the other hand, seven years' bad luck for a broken mirror and spilling the salt must be rooted deep in witchcraft.


  Sapins 15:54 24 Jun 07

If the sniper aimed at the second light he would miss the third light?

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