Supermarket's 5p off a liter of fuel offers??

  WhiteTruckMan 20:57 05 Oct 09

Hopefully just a quickie this,but does anyone know if any of the major supermarket chains are currently running an offer along the lines of 'spend £x in store and get a voucher for (usually) 5p off a litre of fuel'?


  BigRik 21:06 05 Oct 09

Good evening WTM.

Did my weekly job at Sainsburys today. You can rule them out I'm afraid.

  BigRik 21:08 05 Oct 09

Job?!! Sorry, should be shop.

  STREETWORK 21:09 05 Oct 09


TESCO's last week, spend £50 get 5p off per litre.

Just follow anyone getting off the bus and see what they spend, when they chuck the coupon away, retrieve it and go to the pumps...

Try not to look suspisious...

  Davella 01:15 06 Oct 09

Morrisons- Spend £40 get 5p per litre off

  morddwyd 06:52 06 Oct 09

No help to WTM, but Morrisons also do the opposite, of course - buy fuel regularly and get £5 off your shopping.

I qualify for about one month, and since their fuel is usually about the cheapest locally anyway, it's a handy deal.

  peter99co 10:09 06 Oct 09

I did a 240 mile round trip and used a Tesco 5p off coupon to save £1.35. I did not feel I had saved much, considering it had cost over £50 to get the coupon in the first place.

It is possible that some of us buy more than we need just to get the coupon. Tesco have announced profits (6 month) of £1.5 billion. Up on last year!

  Quickbeam 10:12 06 Oct 09

Tesco (or any business) wont give anything away that doesn't benefit them some where in the chain.

  Stuartli 10:35 06 Oct 09

peter99co has the same result as I do in that the savings are comparatively small (any such vouchers I have are given to me by one of the offspring).

However, with double Clubcard points and using the route to increasing their value fourfold on redemption, a sizable saving can be made in any case.

I've no qualms with Tesco making excellent profits - it generally provides what its customers want, although I also use Morrison's, Lidl and Aldi - and we all benefit in the long run from successful businesses.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:16 06 Oct 09

and they confirmed that there wasnt any such promotion on at the moment. The deals are limited to 100 litres, so when I do use them thats what I buy, saving the maximum of £5. And no, its not for the truck in case anyone wonders. we are currently an all diesel household.


  WhiteTruckMan 20:54 28 Oct 09

tesco once again have this offer on.


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