Super Glue

  crosstrainer 22:56 28 Mar 07

A word of warning.....

Do not, under any circumstances use this substance (just tried to glue a drawer together..should have used wood glue)

Now have keyboard, and most else I touch stuck to me.

Bored with how to remove but hear meths is good?

Might start drinking it if cannot remove myself from kit, or could cut off fingers I guess.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:59 28 Mar 07

you could have gone to the loo!


  crosstrainer 23:09 28 Mar 07

Been roaring with laughter over that one... then I thought, what would I do wrecked few fingers in stubborn and aggresive determination, now all well

Think best not to go down your route! Nightmares may well ensure!

  Forum Editor 23:39 28 Mar 07

is acetone. Don't use meths, it won't work, but acetone will. Oily nail varnish remover contains acetone, but nowadays manufacturers are coming up with alternatives, not because acetone harms the skin, it doesn't, but because it dissolves the false acrylic nails that lots of women wear.

If you can get hold of some acetone just dab it on your fingers until the glue dissolves. Be careful with your keyboard though, acetone will probably dissolve that, too.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:43 28 Mar 07

you can always get another one. Its the fingers you have to watch. BTW,its always a good idea to have a cheap keyboard and mouse tucked away somewhere. Basic ones arent expensive and you never know when you might need one in a hurry...


  Stuartli 23:45 28 Mar 07

Water helps you to get rid of Super Glue off fingers.

  crosstrainer 23:52 28 Mar 07

Don't use nail varnish (fingers bitten to the quick)

Not worried about the keyboard, or mouse not hanging off me any more.

Skin om fingers seems to have tightened though.

  Jak_1 00:43 29 Mar 07

Tesco sell a half decent keyboard for £6.

  beeuuem 03:14 29 Mar 07

"Tesco sell a half decent keyboard for £6."
I think its the lack of mobile digits (or skin) that is crosstrainers' biggest worry right now!

  laurie53 08:05 29 Mar 07

If you do it right you could lose your fingerprints and become an untraceable villain!


(That's what I like about this fourum, always sympathetic to others' problems!)

  crosstrainer 08:26 29 Mar 07

Interesting, though not planning on a life of crime!

Got rid in the end, just a silly thing to have done!

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