Sunni musim talibans you are cowards

  ronalddonald 14:15 03 Sep 10
  ronalddonald 14:17 03 Sep 10

too cowardly for peace, with no common sense.

  wee eddie 16:21 03 Sep 10

are a blight on the Human Race.

By that, I mean all religions, I include Marxism within that definition.

  Yimbo 17:27 03 Sep 10

Seems to me that it's the human race which is itself the blight!

  jakimo 17:32 03 Sep 10

"Seems to me that it's the human race which is itself the blight!"

Whats your solution then,should we get rid of them?

  Flak999 18:35 03 Sep 10

The root of all evil! How many examples do you need?

  Forum Editor 19:02 03 Sep 10

is plough through yet another interminable thread about religion. I hope you hear me, ronald et al.

  wiz-king 19:14 03 Sep 10

Oops - the great silver deleting mouse speakes - bow down and quake before it. *grin*

  Flak999 20:54 03 Sep 10

of omnipotent and omniscient power wielded by a mere mortal! Lol :)

  morddwyd 21:01 03 Sep 10

They have to seize the publicity initiative locally back from the Pakistani cricket team, and I am being deadly serious.

As others have said, terrorists groups rely on the life supporting oxygen of publicity.

  Devil Fish 21:23 03 Sep 10

religion is the root of all evil

no greed is the route of all evil religion is just a banner they hide behind

look at most wars its either land or money or both

are the Taliban really fighting for afganistan or just the Millions of dollars they are loosing out on in the drug trade

1st gulf war Iraq Invaded Kuwait = land and oil money

2nd gulf war WMD or Oil you decide

WW 1 WW 2 land

see a pattern emerging

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