Sunderland FC's New Left Winger

  Bapou 16:59 12 Jan 11

First it was John Reid leaving the Commons and being appointed Chairman of Celtic.

Now Sunderland FC want David Miliband to be a non Executive Director. Nice little earner. click here

Is this the new route for out of work ministers? Will Gordon Brown soon head for Hibs or Hearts? Let's take it further, Tony Blair to be roving Ambassador for FIFA? £2m a year should cover it. Unless he prefers Newcastle United of course, he always reckoned himself to be a keen supporter.

Steve Bruce, Sunderland FC manager, says of Miliband, 'He's high-profile and a very articulate and intelligent man, and I'm sure he will add something else to what we are trying to achieve.'

Add something else? What on earth can that be? It can't be money, Mr M has never had a job outside of politics.

As for 'articulate and intelligent', no argument there, but do those two words actually connect to anything in the Football world?

I mentioned elsewhere Jimmy Greaves once said, 'It's a funny old game'. It's getting funnier.

  Woolwell 17:29 12 Jan 11

Gordon Brown's team is Raith Rovers.

  jakimo 17:56 12 Jan 11

Considering his achievements so far as leader of the opposition,perhaps he has been advised that it would be to the benefit of the party if he considered a change of career

  Woolwell 18:14 12 Jan 11

Ed Miliband hasn't made much of an impression as leader of the opposition then.

  Bapou 18:55 12 Jan 11

jakimo, it's David M Sunderland want, not his Labour leader brother.

Woolwell, Raith Rovers? Now there's a thought. Fair do's, at least Gordon never used a major league club's name for his affections.

Tony Blair bragged about being a Magpie's supporter and sat in the Gallowgate End. The period he referred to he could not have seen much sat on the concrete, there was no seats at that end then.

  john 52 20:47 12 Jan 11

Nick Clegg has not committed himself yet it depends who wins the premier league this season and who will give him the best seat in the stand

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