Sunday Newspapers

  onthelimit 10:11 10 Oct 10

Just been to collect my two - spent some minutes clearing out all the 'junk mail' inside. Went straight in the recycle bin as always.

Does anyone ever look at this stuff? If not, what's the point of putting it in??

  Quickbeam 10:39 10 Oct 10

are rubbish...

  gengiscant 11:46 10 Oct 10

Of my Sunday paper 8 sections go straight into the recycle box,which as well as being a waste of money and paper is ridiculous.

As I do not and will not read the tabloids, no matter what paper I choose on a Sunday, a great proportion is of no interest to me.

PS, I have never seen a 'Moon Life Insurance flyer', am I missing something here?

  jakimo 12:09 10 Oct 10

"Does anyone ever look at this stuff?

But I dont,I have never requested unasked advice,or unsolicited junk mail,so why should I be made responsible for its disposal

  Armchair 12:14 10 Oct 10

The newspaper itself contains many adverts, so a few extra glossy ones ain't gonna make much difference.

Personally, I rarely purchase a Sunday paper, because they're so expensive.

  spuds 13:47 10 Oct 10

Set yourself a simple task. Buy three newspapers of the same publication, then cut out all the adverts, then cut out anything else that as very little value to yourself. Then see what is remaining, and you may well wish that you hadn't purchased the newspapers in the first place.

Regarding Sunday newspapers. All mine are delivered without junk mail, gratis of our 'sharing' neighbours. They remove and bin the junk before it reaches our house :O)

Remember to save any newspapers, the local rescue centre might be pleased to receive in bulk.

  Forum Editor 16:15 10 Oct 10

junkmail is a fairly successful form of advertising, which - as fourm member said- is why it's used.

The response rate for flyers varies between 0.5% and 5%, which is usually enough to make it a profitable form of advertising.

  anchor 16:17 10 Oct 10

Like Armchair I seldom buy a Sunday paper. Too expensive, and often a re-hash of the last weeks old news.

  morddwyd 20:15 10 Oct 10

Do also bear in mind that the flyers, and all the other adverts, subsidise the cost of the newspaper.

There is no way most of us could afford to buy a paper (or a magazine) if their only income was from the cover price.

  interzone55 08:54 11 Oct 10

I used to wonder about what sort of person bought from these flyers, and the shopping channels on TV, until I met my girlfriend's mum a couple of months ago.

Now I know exactly what sort of person buys this crap...

  Quickbeam 09:17 11 Oct 10 this click here

The Sunday paper pamphlet that's full of the things that you didn't know that you didn't need;)

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