The Sun on Sunday

  interzone55 17 Feb 12

Oh look, the News Of The World is going to be resurrected as The Sun on Sunday.

Now hands up everyone who didn't see that coming

  Mr Mistoffelees 17 Feb 12

My hands are on the floor!

  wiz-king 17 Feb 12

Well he cant call it's website sundaysun already taken

  wiz-king 17 Feb 12

Found it I new I'd seen it somewhere

  spuds 17 Feb 12

Where's there money to be made,and a participating audience, anything is possible. And perhaps more so for a wise person like Mr Murdoch and his associates!.

  interzone55 17 Feb 12


Yes, here's the registration data for, as your Metro article says, they were registered two days before they pulled the plug on the News Of The World

  sunnystaines 17 Feb 12

does anyone ever read the sun?. just remembered nothing to read in it, its all pics and ads

  interzone55 17 Feb 12

It's the biggest selling newspaper in the UK, so someone must read it

  WhiteTruckMan 17 Feb 12

I've always found the sun newspaper to be thoroughly absorbing


  Forum Editor 17 Feb 12


I've awarded you a gold star on your chart for that one.

  buteman 18 Feb 12

I had to laugh at the last 2 posts.Very witty,

Tried to make up a response but could not find anything as good.

No doubt someone will think of something.


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