Sun employees under investigation

  Strawballs 12:18 11 Feb 12

More of Murdoch's employees being investigated.

Eight people held over payments inquiry

  interzone55 20:45 11 Feb 12

fourm member

Rebekah Brooks was, for a time, editor of the Sun.

She must have some seriously damning information on Murdoch...

  Condom 22:06 11 Feb 12

What I find alarming is the Police statement that without the cooperation they have received from the Murdoch Empire it was unlikely that anything would have benn found out.

I just wonder if the owners of the Daily Mail are cooperating as fully or not. The Daily Mail spokesperson at the enquiry looked ill at ease as I don't think many believed his protestaions of being lily white.

  Strawballs 06:49 12 Feb 12

I don't think any of the papers are lilly white!

  morddwyd 07:19 12 Feb 12

That is a totally unfair generalisation.

There has been no suggestion that the "War Cry" has indulged in any of these practices.

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