The Summer Sledging in Australia

  Quickbeam 21 Nov 13

...seems to have fired up the England side admirably with a 12 for 1 score from Broad after a quarter of an hour on the Aussies supposedly best home batting ground!

Sorry I have a lot of unused gloating left over from the '90s to use up:)

Gob-U-Like Aussie headlines

  Quickbeam 21 Nov 13

I wonder how this paper is going to report the overnight collapse that I wake up to of their side lead by their most hated player...?

  mart7 21 Nov 13

Get in there broady!

i am surprised to find the highlights are not on channel 5 but on Pick tv at 10pm

  spider9 21 Nov 13

Does anyone else find the addition of 'y' to England players names (presumably as their nicknames?), in post and pre match discussions a trifle childlike and annoying?

  Aitchbee 21 Nov 13

spider9 ... get thee to a ... Priory! :o]

  Quickbeam 21 Nov 13

TMS is repeating in the normal time slot which is handy for dipping in and out of.

  Quickbeam 21 Nov 13

Spider9, ask Blowers what he thinks...

  Forum Editor 21 Nov 13



  wiz-king 22 Nov 13

Wot, no comments today!

  Aitchbee 22 Nov 13

England got gubbed!

  mart7 22 Nov 13

Clubbed! Out of the ground


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