Suitable punishment (Everton/Man City Game Last Night)

  Bingalau 01 Feb 12

After watching the game on TV last night between Everton and Manchester City, my lad and I were discussing the incident where a hooligan handcuffed himself to the goal-post. We came to the conclusion that after the game ended, he should have been marched back on to the field and left handcuffed to the goal-post for the night. That would have cooled his ardour.

  interzone55 01 Feb 12

The guy is apparently a "professional protester" so a valid punishment would be to completely ignore him, a bit like the Twilight Zone episode "To See the Invisible Man"

  Forum Editor 01 Feb 12

A suitable punishment would be to ignore him completely, rather than affording him the oxygen of publicity.

  Forum Editor 01 Feb 12


I just noticed that you beat me to it - apologies for the copycat post.

  Bingalau 01 Feb 12

They couldn't really ignore him at the time as it wasn't even half time. Maybe if it had been just prior to full time they could have left him there all night. (I wish!!)

  morddwyd 01 Feb 12

I was recently watching an American football game, and there was a bit of a delay in getting play restarted at some point.

The commentator apologised and said that someone had tried to interfere with out enjoyment by running on the pitch. "We don't give publicity to that sort of person".

Maybe we have something to learn from that publicity conscious nation.

  badgery 01 Feb 12


That was precisely the way our TV channels dealt with the 'streaker' epidemic some years ago - and it just seemed to die off when the cameras ignored them.

  Macscouse 01 Feb 12

Bingalau - I would make him watch every Everton (ugh) game for the rest of the season. Now that's a punishment...

  wiz-king 02 Feb 12

Export him to Eygept - they do it with style.

  interzone55 02 Feb 12


So you call killing 73 people "doing it with style"?

I suggest you get some medical attention...

  Quickbeam 02 Feb 12

What was the protest?


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