Suicidal bridge jumper gets some help :|

  dagnammit 17:30 23 May 09

Not the help suicidal folk usually get!

A man threatening to jump off a bridge gets a push... click here

  Si_L 17:47 23 May 09

If the only issue Lai Jiansheng has in his life is sitting in traffic then he should count himself a lucky man.

  laurie53 19:10 23 May 09

If he really wanted to commit suicide why didn't he go to a nice remote cliff somewhere and jump off that?

No doubt someone, somewhere will say it's a cry for help.

Well, he got some.

Just in case somebody thinks I'm a hard hearted b***** I was genuinely suicidal myself during a bout of clinical depression a few years ago (I couldn't open a pot of jam, and unless you've contemplated suicide for such a trivial reason you don't know what real hopelessness is), and all you want to do is crawl away and die, all alone, with your own black thoughts.

  AL47 19:57 23 May 09

i understand, i never thought of going to a public place, didnt even tell anyone about it

not nice is it, i sympathise with anyone genuinely thinking it

  Colin 12:04 24 May 09

I hope the guy who pushed him knew that there was an air cushion below.
laurie53 - I understand what you are saying. It's easy for people who know nothing about you to make judgements. A lot of people think if something isn't a problem to them, then it's not a problem to anyone - until they have a problem, then it’s the biggest issue in the world!

  Pesala 19:44 27 May 09

click here

Not knowing the man's intentions, it is hard to say if it was through impatience or compassion. Maybe he saved the guy's life when doing nothing might have resulted in him jumping the other way and killing himself.

Is this an example of being cruel to be kind?

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