Suggestions for a 'Silver surfer book' please.

  John B 10:58 03 Jan 09

My mum is taking her first steps ... XP and IE7.

Any good titles based on experience please?



  Quickbeam 11:06 03 Jan 09

click here I've always found these very good at putting the basics of a totally new technology into my skull.

  canarieslover 11:22 03 Jan 09

I found that the 'Dummies' series are always fairly easy to understand. There are seperate books for XP and The Internet and both show on the 'click here' but shop around for better prices.
click here

  Pamy 12:15 03 Jan 09

Also, a computer beginers couse at local college when avilable. A good way to meet others the same and tutor available.

  spuds 12:38 03 Jan 09

A browse and chat in the local library or PC World usually provides some information as to what might be suitable. I tend to find 'picture' books like the convenient to obtain book range from Easy QUE Publishing click here very good for a silver surfer. The Dummie books are good, but in the main there is to much printing in word format, which can confuse at times.

  spuds 12:43 03 Jan 09

Whoops, typo error with link, try click here

  Cymro. 13:15 03 Jan 09

click here
try the one above it also has links to other good sights.

  Cymro. 13:19 03 Jan 09

click here

Or this one by the same man and especially for older people.

  wee eddie 13:40 03 Jan 09

You don't say how old your Mum is!

The Local College of FE will be running Courses for the Terrified (or a name to that effect), your Library will, probably, be doing a similar thing. Much easier than a book and frequently free.

  Stuartli 14:09 03 Jan 09

I bought a £750 Mesh system on behalf of an elderly friend (as a birthday present for herself) four years ago.

She had no computing experience but was used to a typewriter.

The friend took to computing like the proverbial duck to water, got broadband in place of dialup even before me and happily indulged in digital photography.

She was 82 when she took up her computing pastime but, sadly, passed away just before Christmas.

  David4637 14:13 03 Jan 09

Look for books in your local library. If any good you could buy them at a later date if they are any good. David

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