A sugestion to make watching threads manageable?..

  JoE. 21:29 11 Nov 06

Possibly a colour coded highlighting scheme in 'your postings'?

E.g. Green - there have been post(s) since your last post/visit
Amber - No posts since your last post/visit
Red - no posts in a while, this thread looks dead.

Just an idea? :o)

  do-gull 22:37 11 Nov 06

I'm colour blind so anything to do with colour is a no no for me.But a neat idea nontheless.


  JoE. 22:39 11 Nov 06

Maybe a star 'rating system'?


  cream. 22:46 11 Nov 06

I suffer from high blood pressure and am allways seeing stars :-(

  wee eddie 22:59 11 Nov 06

As every item is moved to the top every time a new response is posted, all you have to do is to work backward until you recognise one that you have read before.

  JoE. 23:06 11 Nov 06

I was just imagining the scenario that one is following several threads simultaneously after posting a comment on each. i.e. they appear on the 'your postings' page, and it would make it easier to keep track of how up-to-date you are with each thread, rather than trying to remember how many posts were on each and if that number had changed... if that makes any sense at this hour ;o)

Apologies, Percy Vere, no offence intended.

  VoG II 23:10 11 Nov 06

Colour coding posts makes sense on slower boards. Here it doesn't - I can just imagine coming home from work and logging in to find two pages of posts that are new or updated and all coloured dayglo orange.

A facility to 'watch' a thread - i.e. receive an e-mail when a new post is added - might be useful but not the default please.

  JoE. 23:11 11 Nov 06

VoG's idea sounds better. :o)

  cream. 23:45 11 Nov 06


Just pulling your leg. I can tell the difference. 0)

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