Suffered possible Norovirus from Hotel-advice plse

  Cara2 18:59 02 Dec 09

A party of us ate at a hotel and more than 1/2 of us have been struck down by a mystery virus.

Environmental health are involved and I now know that the hotel was being investigated for this mystery virus prior to our booking.

The hotel has now closed.

The hotel has a good reputation and I know they will be back to scratch eventually.

My question is this: Opinion is divided as to whether we should request a refund. I think so, as they took our booking whilst knowing there was a problem.

Any opinions please?


  morddwyd 20:36 02 Dec 09

"as they took our booking whilst knowing there was a problem."

Can you prove that?

Had they reasonable grounds for supposing that the steps they had taken to deal with any alleged problem were adequate and satisfactory?

Were they negligent?

Was it definitely a norovirus or perhaps something esle?

  Cara2 20:53 02 Dec 09

As the environmental health were already investigating - then yes, I would say they knew they had a problem

Not sure if they were negligent as such, but we were in their 'care' when we fell ill.

At this stage as I say 'possible' Norovirus. Certainly the E/health think so but it is not proven yet.

  spuds 22:13 02 Dec 09

As a joint body of people or as individual clients of the hotel, you could write a letter of complaint, and see what their response might be.

If and when you receive a reply, you can then act accordingly. I would not mention Norovirus etc unless you have received official confirmation of this.

The other part that you may have to consider, is whether you booked direct or through a third party, because this would also make a difference as to the route you commence.

  Cara2 23:32 02 Dec 09

I intend to wait until the virus is confirmed. We booked directly. In fact it is somewhere we go regularly.

  Forum Editor 23:37 02 Dec 09

that you contracted a virus infection as a direct result of eating at the premises you certainly have grounds to claim a refund.

If you can show that the hotel's management was aware of the danger at the time of your booking you might have grounds to sue for damages, provided you can demonstrate that you sustained damages as a consequence of the infection.

These are matters for you to decide upon however, and you should consult your legal adviser before contemplating any action for damages.

  Cara2 22:05 05 Dec 09

Thanks for replies.

Will put all your advice to my group of fellow diners.


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