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Student Computers

  Steffles 22:32 24 Nov 05

My old computer has just died and I need to find one which will allow me to do all my student things on it e.g. essays, spreadsheets, but I would also like to play games without them being very slow. Does anyone know any good ones with at least a 40GB hard drive and preferably under £400?

  ade.h 22:36 24 Nov 05

I wouldn't want a student computer; it wouldn't boot up until midday.

  ade.h 22:37 24 Nov 05

*Serious for a minute*

Consumerwatch is the section for this.

  Dan the Doctus 22:43 24 Nov 05

You can buy a decent computer for £400 that will do everything you wish, except play games. If games are important then you'll have to spend more. (I'm assuming your monitor still works.)

  Jackcoms 19:46 26 Nov 05

"but I would also like to play games".

A typical student then, I see.

  Mr Mark Nolan 23:45 30 Nov 05

click here this link will take you to a place that no man has been before... ... ... ... only joking its pc specialist and im gonna buy a PC from them as soon as i get paid i want a PC for about 300 max and i would be able to geta very fast PC for gaming from them for that price there amazing!!

  citadel 19:38 01 Dec 05

£300 will only be enough for a very fast graphics card.

  Mr Mark Nolan 22:33 01 Dec 05

no check it out first i have order a PC thats 3.4 AMD 64, 1024 RAM, 80 GB HDD dvd and cd writer + and - graphics card i have already and monitor i have new logitec key board and mouse both wireless and the rest which i cant remember for for all that for under £300 is really good price and its not market knock offs its the real products just being sold by outlet shops.

  Mr Mark Nolan 22:35 01 Dec 05

btw i just brought my new latest graphics card which is the 6600 GT SLi 256MB and its super fast and i got that at £198.99 at my local PC world store.

  citadel 19:32 02 Dec 05

6600gt is a medium range card and I think you can get one for less than £198.99.

  SG Atlantis® 19:58 02 Dec 05

you over paid.

It's worth about £100 online.

As homer would say "Doh!"


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