Street Entertainers in Glasgow...What about your town?

  Aitchbee 02 Dec 11

Today in Buccanan Street, a pedestrian precinct, I was pleasantly amused by 2 'acts'.One was a man who pretended to be a weather-beaten statue...he moved only when someone donated a coin.The other one was a masked three foot midget playing a recorder or flute...only it wasn't! A tall man was sitting down and cleverly giving that impression of a very small man with a large 'back-pack'.I only sussed him out when he stood up, the childen were totally enchanted...and so was I.

A lot of people were smiling and taking photos.

That's All Folks!

  Aitchbee 02 Dec 11

I was also smiling when a 'foreign lookin' geezer' playing the accordian, surprisingly, broke into a medley of Jimmy Shand was worth 50p!

  Mr Mistoffelees 02 Dec 11

Last time I was in Bath there was a very talented juggler, atop a 6' unicycle, drawing a sizeable crowd.

  lucky1 02 Dec 11

When I was a youngster we regularly saw a very talented one man band in the streets of Edinburgh. You never seem to see them nowadays.

  Covergirl 02 Dec 11

Nowt round here apart from the odd busker in a Keswick underpass.

Happened across the "Moaning Lisa" a couple of weeks ago in North Yorkshire - well dressed up in costume with his face through a portrait of the Mona Lisa, giving it woe with life the universe and everything. Quite clever.

  NewestRoyWidd1 03 Dec 11

Here in Leicester we often get the"usual suspects"in the city centre;The"silver man"statue,South American pan pipe players,etc etc.

But yesterday there was the beautiful sound of an opera singer,his voice really brightened up my day and the dull weather,Well worth the pound I put in his basket.


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