stranglehold pc specs......or not

  mrwoowoo 21:45 24 Sep 07

Just played the pc demo of stranglehold and it is sooo cool.
The minimum specs stated are.
core 2 duo cpu
2 gb ram
ati 1300 or nvidia 6600.
my specs
amd sempron 3400+ cpu
2 gb ram
ati 1650 pro.
My specs(cpu)are below the specs stated and it runs really smoothly.Perhaps the graphics card makes up a bit for the under powered cpu?
If you want full on action and big time production this game rocks.Plays like max payne with bullet time and lots of other cool touches.
Special moves include,bullet dodge in slow mo.Ultra aim where you zoom in and the camera follows the bullet in slow mo to hit the target in the eye,throat or where ever you aim and explodes in a shower of blood.
Nearly all the background can be interacted with.
Action is relentless and the cut scenes are ace.
If your specs are a bit below those stated,try the demo anyway.
You might be surprised.

  Si_L 23:39 24 Sep 07

click here

Downloading it now, link is above :)

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