Strange phone call

  the hick 11:51 31 May 10

About 5 mins. ago, had a phonecall from an Indian-sounding chap, he knew my surname, to inform me my PC has just downloaded 'a load ofjunk'. Anyone else had this? I 1471'd it, but no. was witheld. This has never happened before. Should I be concerned, and also, on XP, is there a way of finding recent downloads? Advice appreciated, thankyou.

  Forum Editor 11:54 31 May 10

Should you be concerned? No - if it happens again just ring off. Your PC has not downloaded 'a load of junk'.

  the hick 11:57 31 May 10

Forum Editor, thank-you for reply, I had not heard of these calls.

  cycoze 14:13 31 May 10

I would have to ask them what the junk was, at what time was it downloaded and from where, would be good to hear what they had to say.

People calling using a VOIP system will usually show up as international, regardless of where they are calling from.

  onthelimit 15:20 31 May 10

Almost certainly trying to sell you antimalware or similar.

  Forum Editor 17:35 31 May 10

Your caller was probably trying to get you to confirm that you had a SKY box.

Stand by for offers of insurance.

  shellship 18:46 31 May 10

FE is correct. Even if one has the usual Sky protection plan, which I have, this lot keep chasing one. I have got to the stage of being rather rude and saying I will report them to the Telephone Protection lot (can't quite remember what it is called) but it has no effect as they are probably phoning from outside the country.

  morddwyd 20:03 31 May 10

No point in breaking in and lifting one that's not working!

  lotvic 21:56 31 May 10

I had a call similar a couple of weeks ago.
I told them that I would have to go and ask the manager of the Residential Home..... They hung up.

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