stock exchange down...

  Seth Haniel 13:47 08 Sep 08

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The London Stock Exchange has suspended trading due to a technical problem that has affected its trading system.

A spokesperson said "connectivity issues" meant traders could not connect with the LSE trading platform.

The problems mean that no share orders have gone through, the LSE said, but it is working to restore the system fully as quickly as possible.

  Cymro. 14:10 08 Sep 08

I am not being sarcastic but will this make any difference to most of us as I assume it is just a one day sort of thing?

  Clapton is God 14:11 08 Sep 08

Perhaps an unfortunate thread title.

I thought at first you meant the Stock Exchange building in the City was down as in "World Trade Centre buildings down".

  spuds 14:36 08 Sep 08

I bet there are some traders biting their fingernails and portfolios ;o)

  Seth Haniel 15:46 08 Sep 08

our workmate 'needs to know' every hour how many groats he's lost or gained - and I bet there are many like him throughout the country - ;)

  version8 15:58 08 Sep 08

Doomed, we are all Doomed!

  version8 15:59 08 Sep 08

On a serious not the LSE say it may be back up by 1600.
But as it's going to effect the share price it's a pain in the backside.
Very quiet on the trading floor at the moment!

  Seth Haniel 16:15 08 Sep 08

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's stocks took a dive while their debt soared Monday, as investors bet the U.S. government's takeover of the mortgage finance firms would wipe out shareholders but fully guarantee their bonds.

Equity markets around the world surged on the bailout news as hopes rose that the U.S. Treasury's plan to take control over the companies, which together back about half of the country's $12 trillion (6.8 trillion) in mortgages, might put at least a temporary floor under troubled financial markets.

The Dow Jones industrial average surged over 2 percent, but Fannie Mae's stock got hammered, swooning more than about 80 percent to $1.30. Freddie Mac shares fell more than 75 percent to $1.25.

  Seth Haniel 14:11 09 Sep 08

software glitch.....

don't panic ;)

  peter99co 14:52 09 Sep 08

They are getting some very bad publicity. The competition is watching very carefully.

A previous scrapping of a system cost £m's

  version8 14:58 09 Sep 08

I few big take overs in the pipeline in the next few months as the credit crunch takes a grip of those that have overstretched themselves!

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