Stepto & Son...

  Quickbeam 16:51 10 Mar 08

The original pilot show tonightclick here This was always a favorite of mine, one of Britain's best comedy creations!

  Forum Editor 17:21 10 Mar 08

but society has changed - I doubt that it would be as popular with today's audience.

  sunny staines 17:26 10 Mar 08

one of the many british comedy greats, very few new ones fit into this class

  john bunyan 17:31 10 Mar 08

The "Son" was once in Bingalu's mob.

  Quickbeam 17:35 10 Mar 08

But we all seem to be quite old here... dare I say, yesterday's audience :)

  ulrich 17:37 10 Mar 08

I doubt very much if there is anything better on tonight.

  Totally-braindead 17:44 10 Mar 08

I can't disagree with the FE saying he doubts it would be so popular these days but I still enjoy it and will be watching it tonight.


  Legolas 18:05 10 Mar 08

I watched it as a youngster but it was never one of my favourites.

  Bingalau 19:15 10 Mar 08

john bunyan.. Aye! I remember it well though he was before my time of course. I'm wondering what mob you were in John? On second thoughts, "no" don't bother telling me as I already know.

I don't think bringing that show back will work either, there probably are a couple from those days that would appeal. but I don't think that one will..

By the way I see the BBC have sold "Hello! Hello!" to the Germans. There's one for the book. I know a good many German people and I know they have a brilliant sense of humour. (I am a member of the German Naval Association myself). But I can't see them latching on to that one. They avoid anything that relates to Nazi times if they possibly can. How are they going to dub the idiotic escaped British airmen? I would think that is impossible.

  laurie53 20:06 10 Mar 08

At the risk of offending the FE hello to a fellow member of the German Naval Association!

I'm also an honorary member of the Moenchengladbach Kameradenschaft of the Afrika Corps.

It's good to hear that somebody else thinks the Germans have a brilliant sense of humour.

  Quickbeam 20:30 10 Mar 08

the characters didn't have to be developed at all, they got it spot on from the start. Comedy with emotion... Even the 'dirty old man' jibe was in there!

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