stealth 1944

  lofty29 12:19 08 Jul 09

click here
How incredible is this, along with some of the other technology it just shows how close we came to losing in WW2. They were an evil regime but their technology cannot be gainsaid.

  DANZIG 12:57 08 Jul 09

Didn't that regime also come up with the idea of video phones?

  interzone55 13:32 08 Jul 09

Perhaps Bernie knows what he's talking about...

  laurie53 20:45 08 Jul 09

A visit to the part of the RAF museum at Cosford will show the incredible guided missile research going on in Germany during the war (assuming the exhibits are still held there - it's been a while).

Passive, active, even radar beam riders, which we didn't perfect until around the eighties.

  interzone55 21:28 08 Jul 09

And all those scientists were quietly removed from Germany after the was and went to work in the US for Boeing, NASA and the like...

  Bingalau 21:36 08 Jul 09

alan14. They might have settled quietly in the UK if we had been able to pay them enough.

  Armchair 21:52 08 Jul 09

The Russians grabbed some of the German scientists, too.

  laurie53 06:47 09 Jul 09

They settled in other places as well as the US.

This fragmentation of effort is one reason why it then took another twenty or so years before getting to a similar level of research as that prevailing in Germany at the war's end.

  Computerdope 12:30 02 Aug 09

Natinalgeographic channel 9pm

click here's-stealth-fighter

  Forum Editor 18:18 02 Aug 09

Bouncing bombs and Colossus (Turing) spring to mind.

  Bingalau 18:28 02 Aug 09

Yes. But wasn't it a pity that all these scientists never got together to make the world a better place?

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