morddwyd 07:46 17 Oct 12

Lots of condemnation of Starbucks at the moment because they’ve not paid any tax recently, but surely such criticism is misplaced?

No-one, not even those indignantly calling for them to be boycotted, pays taxes they don’t need to.

The blame should be heaped on our politicians, and not just the current lot either, for passing such poorly drafted legislation that such practices are possible.

  interzone55 12:26 17 Oct 12

Not sure why Starbucks can say it's lost money in the UK, they use far less coffee per cup than other coffee shops, yet still charge more than most other places

  Forum Editor 13:00 17 Oct 12


Starbucks hasn't traded at a loss in the UK - the company has a huge turnover, and is very profitable.

What it has done is to configure its business model in a way that minimises its tax liability in the UK. It has done that by trading with loans from a source that is difficult to trace, and making huge repayments on those loans from its before-tax revenues. It buys coffee from a company in Switzerland and ships it to another company in Holland for roasting - paying substantial sums along the way.

It's all very complicated, and of course it's perfectly legal - there has been no suggestion that Starbucks has broken the law.

We're living at a time when we are suddenly hearing the word 'moral' a great deal - it comes from our government all the time. What's happening is that as our economy struggles to revive itself we're all feeling the pinch, and we go looking for people to blame. Companies that seek to minmise tax liabilities within the law are ideal candidates - they are big, successful enterprises, so let's brand them as immoral.

The weird thing is, we need lots of big, successful enterprises to help us out of the hole we're in. It's a Bummer, isn't it?

  Aitchbee 15:02 17 Oct 12

On the subject of coffee and money ...Lidl are doing a 10 sachet pack of Cappuccino [cafe menu ... unsweetened taste] for £1.49 (reduced from £2.49) ... I can't tell the difference!

ps. I like to enhance the coffee flavour with a smidgeon of instant Colombian!

  Kevscar1 15:33 17 Oct 12

Simple if you really feel that strongly then boycott Starbucks and the other companies that do this.

  onthelimit1 16:24 17 Oct 12

'like to enhance the coffee flavour with a smidgeon of instant Colombian!'

I prefer a smidgen of Famous Grouse!

  interzone55 17:19 17 Oct 12

Forum Editor

Yes, I know Starbucks makes a huge profit, they constantly tell investors so.

I was being facetious with my comment about their low costs & high prices, but (thankfully) we don't have smiley face icons here to show when we're being a bit snide...

  interzone55 17:23 17 Oct 12


If you like the "coffee" that comes out of sachets from supermarkets that's fine, but please don't confuse it with real coffee.

If you want the best cup of coffee you can get at home (in my opinion) you need to buy some of this ground for a cafetiere, then get one of these contraptions.

It's really simple to use, and makes an absolutely fantastic Americano coffee

  sunnypete 17:36 17 Oct 12

Do you really have to drink it through a straw?

  Forum Editor 17:50 17 Oct 12


Coffee from the Covent Garden shop is one of my guilty pleasures. Not the one you linked to though.

  Aitchbee 19:22 17 Oct 12

alan14 - the decaffeinated coffee you recommend might be ok , but I like a mug of strong coffee ( with caffeine ) in the morning ...the coffee-machine, on the other hand would fit nicely on my kitchen corner ... cheers for that :o)

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