Spelling Problems?

  Bingalau 08:46 27 Dec 07

I wondered if this would be any use to anybody? I've not yet tried it myself and it is an American site, which in turn means American spellings. But I think there is a facility to change to English when you know it is a "Wrong" American spelling.. ..Bingalau..

Tiny Spell

I'm telling you, it feels really good to hunt down downloads for our readers and bag a winner! This may be one of the most useful downloads I have ever found. I loved this little gem from the moment I misspelled my first file (which was about five seconds after the install!)

It's called Tiny Spell, but what it does isn't tiny at all. Tiny Spell can correct your spelling in any application within Windows. That's huge! So, if you're working in a program that doesn't support MS Word, you can still have confidence knowing you're spelling everything right. No more dumping a word into a Word document just to see if it is spelled correctly. With Tiny Spell's simple to use interface, you'll cruise through misspelled words easily and quickly.

Tiny Spell sits in your system tray and turns from white to yellow when it recognizes an incorrectly spelled word.

A quick click on the icon and a list of possible spelling choices pops up. Highlight the correct entry and you're on your way. I find it easier to use this "on the fly" in Word than the actual built in spellchecker. You can even add words to Tiny Spell's database that it may not be familiar with and it will then recognize them in the future.

This really is a great program and I'm sure if you're like me, you'll get your money's worth out of it! Of course, it's free, but the creator will take donations though, if any of you feel so inclined. The information for that is in the Help file in Tiny Speller. Now, go on and enjoy the safety net that Tiny Spell can provide for you!

You can download Tiny Spell for yourself right here. click here


~ Chad

  anskyber 09:45 27 Dec 07

which can be set to English/English as opposed to US English. click here

  Si_L 10:21 27 Dec 07

Was that actually posted by you? Its signed off with ~ Chad which I have never seen, and it sounds more like an advert for something rather than a recommendation. Has your account been hacked into?

Just curious.

  Si_L 10:22 27 Dec 07

And you spelled recognise the US way.

  Bingalau 10:57 27 Dec 07

Si_L.. Yes it was posted by me and it comes from a reputable American site. But I also use ieSpell. I just thought there are people who may like to give it a try... (Chad is the handle of one of the sites contributers/organisers).

  Clapton is God 11:18 27 Dec 07

I'll stick with ieSpell and other applications which use English English.

I do NOT use the Pidgin version of English as used across the pond.

  Pesala 12:29 27 Dec 07

Inline spell-checkers are irritating. I prefer to check manually with Aspell in Opera. For most posts I don't bother, but for longer posts I might run a spell-check.

If I am not sure of the meaning of a word, I use WordWeb click here dictionary/thesaurus, which also has real voice pronunciation.

  Bingalau 14:03 27 Dec 07

Clapton is God.. I use ieSpell too but it always gives me American spelling anyway, such words as "Organize" etc., But I ignore that and use the English spelling. I didn't know that it had an English/English spelling checker.

  Quickbeam 14:27 27 Dec 07

to improve my spelling...

  Bingalau 14:34 27 Dec 07

Quickbeam.. That sounds like a good idea too, but I am not going to cut back on my Dark and Stormy's. Not many pleasures left in life, so I will hang on to the ones still available and to hech wid da spellin.... just ran this through ieSpell and it never picked up "spellin".

  Stuartli 15:13 27 Dec 07

I can certainly understand Si_L's query - it reads like a copywriter's contribution...:-)

For those who use Firefox, you can Enable its own spell checker from Tools>Options>Advanced tab>General tab (also you can choose UK English rather than US).

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