Spelling mistake? Please advise.

  Blackhat 00:40 02 Sep 07

I have just been lambasted on another forum for an apparent spelling mistake!

This is the sentence in quesion...

"It's just one of the bee's in my bonnet"

I can understand that the apostrophe in bee's may be a grammatical error but is it a spelling mistake? I have tested this in Word and spell checker in Outlook Express with no error showing.

Word does indicate grammatical alternative but not a spelling mistake.

I am not normally bothered by this sort of thing but I am being criticised by a fellow author.

What do you think?

  Earthsea 00:42 02 Sep 07

Grammatical mistake. 'Bee's' means belonging to a bee. 'Bees' is the plural of bee.

  Forum Editor 00:43 02 Sep 07


The plural of bee.

Your apostrophe is incorrect - you would use it like this:

He pulled the bee's wing off.

  Blackhat 00:48 02 Sep 07

I can accept a grammatical error but I am questioning if it could be deemed as a spelling mistake.

  Earthsea 00:50 02 Sep 07

It's not a spelling mistake because it's not spelt wrong.

  Forum Editor 00:54 02 Sep 07

because the apostrophe shouldn't be in the word. Technically any word that contains an incorrect character is spelt wrongly. Punctuation errors are usually in between or around words, not in them.

Grammatical errors are different - they are mistakes which occur when someone constructs a sentence clumsily, or uses words and phrases incorrectly.

  Blackhat 00:57 02 Sep 07

Thats what I thought. I know it sounds petty but due to the nature of the thread I was involved in on the other forum It really got my back up.

  Blackhat 00:59 02 Sep 07

There seems to be a difference of opinion here!

  rdave13 01:00 02 Sep 07

One bee = bee's knees.
More than one is bees' knees. No spelling mistakes.
However your comment "It's just one of the bee's in my bonnet" is incorrect. Because you state that there is more than one bee it should be "It's just one of the bees' in my bonnet". Grammatically incorrect but no spelling mistake.

  Forum Editor 01:11 02 Sep 07

"It's just one of the bees' in my bonnet"

is incorrect, as is "It's just one of the bee's in my bonnet".

It should be "It's just one of the bees in my bonnet"

As I've already said - any word that contains a character which shouldn't be there is misspelt.

  Earthsea 01:27 02 Sep 07

My Chambers Dictionary says for 'grammatical meaning':

The functional significance of a word etc, within the grammatical framework of a particular sentence, etc.

Make of that what you will!

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