The spelling of bitish roads

  ronalddonald 07:43 26 Jul 10
  Snec 07:53 26 Jul 10


  Quickbeam 07:55 26 Jul 10

But it's the correct phonetic spelling for an Essex accent...

ps, did you intend the subject heading to be mis-spelt;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:57 26 Jul 10

Rather ironically in the circumstances, the title should have been 'the spelling ON British roads'.


  ronalddonald 08:00 26 Jul 10

Im british anymore ive changed to being bitish

  ronalddonald 08:00 26 Jul 10

Im not british anymore ive changed to being bitish

  Quickbeam 08:01 26 Jul 10

When in a hole...

  onthelimit 08:47 26 Jul 10

I'm not sure ronald is in any position to criticise spelling!

  QuizMan 09:17 26 Jul 10

CLEA is the Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment run by the Environment Agency. Perhaps they are being abolished under government cutbacks, hence the campaign KEEP CLEA.

  Grey Goo 09:30 26 Jul 10

I can think of a very apt but unprintable set of words relating to the Shirkers who did the deed.

  daytimers82 09:54 26 Jul 10

onthelimit have ou been drinking the booze again

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