Speeding motorist hits Policeman....

  ams4127 02 Aug 11

Quite amazing

And only 23 months detention, so should be out in 10.

  Colin 02 Aug 11

Saw it on Sky News tonight. I hope he got tasered between the legs!

  daz60 02 Aug 11

Now Now don't be like that..we musn't deny him his "right to a family life". It goes to show how the "law" is not now a deterrent.

  spuds 03 Aug 11

"And only 23 months detention".

I know of a similar incident, when the driver only got 12 months. He would have got less, had it not been for his actions after been found guilty and being informed that he would need to return to the court at a later date for sentencing. He walked out of the court, and then, along with his friends began to intimidate the witness's, police officer's and members of the jury, who where now outside the court building. He was taken straight back to the court room where the judge was requested to attend, who then gave an immediate sentence of 8 months for the earlier offences, plus an extra 4 months for the last incident.

I think the best part of that sentencing, was seeing a rather cocky jack the lad, turn into an ashen faced, vomiting person within a few minutes.

With regards to the police officer's actions, its can be surprising what the human body can do, at times of sudden stress!.

  Aitchbee 03 Aug 11

NODDY PILLORY - a device for punishment usually consisting of a wooden framework mounted on a post, with holes for trapping the head and hands, and in which an offender was confined and exposed to public assault and ridicule and shown videos of "Noddy pays the penalty...!"

They did not have Noddy back then. It would deter car crime. Thanks Noddy for your help. HB


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