Spam is spam is spam-but usually you can see

  jack 15:20 15 Jul 09

what the sender is after.
In my ISP spam box was message with a Netherlands address. subject title was unintelligible and the short message was too.
It certainly was not dutch-= a sort of bastardized north German which with a struggle an English speaker can grasp. this was total gobbledygook.
Any one has anything like that?

  jimv7 15:26 15 Jul 09

no, but on a lighter note click here

  Stuartli 15:36 15 Jul 09

Don't open any suspicious e-mails unless you have taken suitable precautions.

If you use Outlook Express, ensure that the Preview Pane is PERMANENTLY disabled, otherwise even just clicking on some e-mails can start nasties doing their dirty work.

Once you have taken this step, you can then highlight a message and Delete it or, by right clicking>Properties read the information including any message.

If suspicious or doubtful, keep Cancelling and then Delete the still highlighted e-mail using the Toolbar Delete button.

  jack 16:04 15 Jul 09

Thank you for the well intentioned advice - but you are talking to some one who has been around a bit.
As I said the item was in my ISP Spam box - it did not come down to me, and was disposed of there.

  peter99co 16:35 15 Jul 09

Download and install Mailwasher and avoid spam completely.

This is not spam!

  newman35 16:46 15 Jul 09

Absolutely, Mailwasher is best piece of kit I've ever used.

  Stuartli 16:56 15 Jul 09

>>..but you are talking to someone who has been around a bit.>>

So have I.....:-)

  octal 06:01 16 Jul 09

A Dutch speaking friend of mine mentioned to me that there is what he called "dockyard Dutch", he said it sounded similar but was difficult to understand, I suppose something like our cockney.

  jack 08:02 16 Jul 09

For the novices out there.

Download and install Mailwasher and avoid spam completely.
Good to write this here in case a novice does read it.
Got it my self too
BUT I did refer to items in your ISP spam trap.
It never got to my computer.

Bye the bye how many of you out there ever interrogate your ISP spam trap
Some times it will divert something your really need.
Do you ever look?

  jack 08:13 16 Jul 09

I opened my ISP trash folder and copied of the title of the piece in question and a few lines- not all - the content
Then cleared the Server trash.

Here is the segment

Sender Adler Burke
nxz the ezopart
you zqa by knza
youmisme nrdfrom tvbdztart.
Illbeliwf bewhfore fvil.

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