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  johndrew 10:17 29 Sep 10

There seem to be an increasing number of spam posts on the site recently. I have found one who appears to post on most threads at around 02:30 and another that advertises 'free' software in the past few days; both have been notified to the FE.

I am aware that action is time consuming, and even the silver mouse must sleep; it also costs money to negate the actions of these people who detract from the site.

What is the opinion of the genuine membership, should such posters be identified and shamed, simply blocked or traced to enable a more permanent solution to be applied?

  birdface 10:26 29 Sep 10

I am sure if it was as easy as that it would have been done already.
If they were blocked they would just sign in again using different e-mail addresses.
Mind you it would be interesting to know what procedures PCA use to eventually remove them.
Apart from keeping FE up all night I can see no way of stopping them completely.

  wee eddie 10:28 29 Sep 10

without having a whole department of people monitoring the first postings of all new members, which would make the site uneconomic and kill it.

  MAJ 10:31 29 Sep 10

"....should such posters be identified and shamed, simply blocked or traced to enable a more permanent solution to be applied?"

Life's too short, johndrew, anyhoo, how do you propose to do that?

"should such posters be identified and shamed": I'm sure Dvorsak337 wont be to worried about being shamed.

"simply blocked": Yeah, block Dvorsak337, Dvorsak338 will be along soon after.

"or traced": Where to, Russia, The Philippines?

Deleting the posts and getting on with things is the way to go.

  jack 10:32 29 Sep 10

To Click on
Don't read it[well you could if have time to spare]

Do nothing.

I dare say if no responses ensuing they may edit the address out of the list.
But then perhaps they wont.
One thing is certain- A response ensures some one is there.

  sunnystaines 14:21 29 Sep 10

most forums get hit hard by spam i am sure we only notice the tip of the iceberg, with loads being blocked each day that we do not see

  johndrew 14:45 29 Sep 10

Whilst I recognised in my post that it may not be easy to resolve, I was also looking for ideas.

For jack: when you are following a thread and a spammer posts to it you have no idea that it is not a valid post until you get into the thread. Where is the simple solution?

For MAJ: All still need to be registered on the site to post. Perhaps 'Dvorsak337' being followed by 'Dvorsak338' could be filtered. Or maybe a definitive delay in permitting any posting by new members may act as a deterrent?? Only quick ideas but there are far more savvy computer minds than mine around.

  babybell 15:18 29 Sep 10

"Perhaps 'Dvorsak337' being followed by 'Dvorsak338' could be filtered"

What about 339, 340. 362....etc, where does your filtering system end. Besides, they can choose any name they want as their next name, so that won't work.

"Or maybe a definitive delay in permitting any posting by new members may act as a deterrent"

So because of 1% of new posters that turn out to be spammers, we're going to penalise the other 99% of new users who have a genuine problem that urgently needs sorting?

Like others have said, spammers are everywhere and there is no way you can stop them. It's impossible.

  Forum Editor 18:15 29 Sep 10

we would have used it long ago, but there's no quick fix unfortunately.As fast as we invalidate a registration the person concerned re-registers with a different username/email address, and off we go again.All web forums are spammed, it's a hazard of the business.

Some of you notify me about spam posts on a daily basis, and we deal with them, usually on the same day they're posted. It's not a perfect system, but it's pretty good, and between us we keep our forum relatively spam free.

I don't have the time to thank those of you who report spam on a regular basis, but you know who you are, and you know that I'm grateful. We have it just about right - there are enough of you to ensure that all the spam is notified to me; too many notifications about the same post would be self-defeating. Just mark the post 'Spam, FE notified', and send me the link to the thread. I'll do the rest.

  morddwyd 20:07 29 Sep 10

There seem to be an increasing number of spam posts on the site recently."

Funnily enough I have found the opposite.

I used to alert the FE two or three times a week, but my last one was the first for ages.

I don't think the spam is any less, just that some other public spirited member is seeing them before I do.

""Perhaps 'Dvorsak337' being followed by 'Dvorsak338' could be filtered""

I used to be laurie53.

I happen to know that there is a laurie 54, though maybe not on this forum.

If you block all lauries you also block the genuine ones.

Same with Dvorsak.

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