Spam - Lots or none ???

  rupie 00:39 19 Feb 05

I do not get much junk e mail, luckily. Some of my friends get buckets of it and some get none. We all use the web as much as the other. There is so much difference that some use no e mail sorting programs. We all have broadband. Why do we think there is such a difference between users ? Does it depend on our isp ? I have always wondered about this ?? What are everybody thoughts? Does everybody realy get lots or is it hype and most get very little ??

  abbott8 10:28 19 Feb 05

I think it boils down to how many websites you leave your e-mail address on. I tend to use either a yahoo or hotmail email address for newsletters etc and keep my ISP email address for those I really trust, hence very little spam that I can delete at the click of a button. I do not use any special filtering software

  JayDay 10:42 19 Feb 05

Some ISP's will filter out spam before it gets to you.

  Dan the Confused 11:25 19 Feb 05

I think the name you use makes a difference. All mine have dots or underscores and I receive very little spam, it lessens the chance of the email addy being randomly generated.

  g0nvs 13:18 19 Feb 05

Since my ISP (NTL) introduced filtering I hardly get any, but before then it could be 100+ junk emails a day.

  Djohn 14:33 19 Feb 05

Never had a single one in the twelve months I've been with my present ISP. They do not use filters of any kind.

  freaky 15:32 19 Feb 05

I used NTL Dial-up for some years and received very little spam, then upgraded to their Broadband. Thats when problems started, the amount of spam per day gradually increased to an average of 140 messages per day!

I installed Norton Anti-Spam, while that would not stop it, it at least moved most of it to the Deleted folder. Then around December last year NTL started to filter the spam and also checked for viruses. Result, spam had dropped to about 20per day and my AntiVirus has not detected anything for the past 2 months, whereas before my AVI was detecting about 30 virus emails per week.

  watchful 16:06 19 Feb 05

I use freeserve anytime, about 3 years now, and don't get any.

  It's Me 17:36 19 Feb 05

Tiscali for 4 years and none ever received. OH dear, should i have said that!

  rupie 23:39 19 Feb 05

I never used to get any at all from my ISP and always thought it was because they were not a mainstream provider but some of you use people like tiscali and still get none. People seem to claim to get hundreds or none at all. Does this mean that having your address found is not as common as we are led to believe; but if it does happen then the concequences are bad. There has got to be a reason; is it down to luck, certain isp, odd symbols and numbers in names, hype or what.

  mbp 11:53 20 Feb 05

I use my ISP i.e. BT email address for my personal and private communication. In addition, I also use Mailwasher Pro as an added filtering screen. I do not get Spam.

For all my on-line transactions or registration address including forums, I use my Yahoo web mail account. I do get a certain amount of Spam but it is usually filtered using the Yahoo screen. I can handle this with no problems. Some spam here are interesting sales pitches that I like to see so I allow it, others like Viagra or Loans gets tagged as Spam and often disappear into the Spam box in Yahoo.

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