Sony and

  researcher 18:02 29 Oct 06

I have just read the news item about Sony taking to court and effectively putting them out of business. I have checked their web-site because I could not beleive it, but it is true.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! It is another Sony 'big-brother' style kick in the pants to ordinary people. Remember their DRM fiasco, etc.

I used to import a Nintendo DS for my son in April before it was out over here. The service was fantastic (2.5 days from HK to home!) and they included all sorts of freebies.

In protest, I pledge that I will not buy another Sony product (tape/disc/hi-fi/whatever)again.

  rodriguez 18:29 29 Oct 06

Looks like as usual, Sony don't like any competition so try and fight them off.

  lisa02 19:59 29 Oct 06

click here

See the article in my thread, Sony have harmed their reputation big style aswell as their all important profit margin!

They created a big pile of dung and it's been thrown back at them.

  rodriguez 13:36 30 Oct 06

"They created a big pile of dung and it's been thrown back at them." Yes - at incredible speed. :-P

  Cymro. 13:55 30 Oct 06

There used to be a phrase "the unacceptable face of capitalism" I think in this case it could be applied to Sony.

  researcher 20:39 30 Oct 06

I was so cross by this that I actually wrote to Sony UK yesterday, effectively repeating my comments above together with my pledge. Its actually a pain for me because I was going to but the Sony Vegus Studio Platimum Edition DVD authoring sweet - but removed it from my Amazon basket.

I would encourage others that feel the same way to do the same - write to Sony and complain!

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