Sometimes nature makes the best art

  carver 17 May 13

Looking at these enter link description here and the cloud formations are just so brilliant, both my wife and myself just love walking and looking at the scenery but my daughter at 21 just dismisses these things as "well it's just a cloud".

I some times despair and can't help but think that unless it appears on a smart phone screen some of these kids are missing so much.

  Quickbeam 17 May 13

I can't understand why anyone needs to wear headphones while doing an outdoor pursuit. The sound of nature (which is often silence), is the only sound track I want to hear.

  spuds 17 May 13

I suppose its a bit like asking where beans, bread or milk comes from, and then being told "a supermarket"?.

Nature can be a fantastic experience, especially for the eye or ears of the beholder (sometimes?). Recently there as been a number of documentary type programs, where the main people involved in the filming have brought the attention of certain things to the public, especially on the 'night heavens' and the 'early morning sunrises'.

  Bing.alau 17 May 13

You appreciate these things as you get older. Their day will come.

  BT 17 May 13

There's a website devoted to Cloud Appreciation.

  rickf 17 May 13

"sometimes..."? I would say always. Great scenes though.

  Quickbeam 17 May 13

"The Cloud Appreciation Society" That's one that Ray Davies surely missed in '68...

  rdave13 17 May 13

I'll go with Bing.alau. You only start to appreciate these things as you get older.


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