Something lighthearted, if you had a superpower

  De Marcus™ 23:02 13 Nov 06

what would you do with it?

  Totally-braindead 23:08 13 Nov 06

Assumming I'd be allowed only one power. Being able to fly would be good. I could over to another country when ever I felt like it for a day in the sun.

Actually my mothers not well at the moment so thats a bit selfish. Being able to cure people would be what I would want.

  rodriguez 23:11 13 Nov 06

Oooo the fun you could have with that...knowing me it would be something completly stupid and childish... :-D

  De Marcus™ 23:14 13 Nov 06



I would never have imagined..... :-)

So what would it be..........?

  lisa02 23:15 13 Nov 06

X-ray vision Rodriguez?

  rodriguez 23:15 13 Nov 06

Ummm it would be quite fun to change the contents of the boxes on Deal or No Deal right at the end to completly ruin the game... hehehe.

  rodriguez 23:16 13 Nov 06

Yes Lisa, X-Ray vision would also be good :-D

  lisa02 23:25 13 Nov 06

How about something like Edward Scissorhands, Rodriguez, then you can give Noel a decent haircut while you're there?

Mine would be the ability to read minds.

  De Marcus™ 23:25 13 Nov 06

Mine would of course be the ability to shift through time.

  ashdav 02:04 14 Nov 06

I'd choose omnipotence.
A bit like the three wishes....First wish unlimited wishes.

  wolfie3000 03:34 14 Nov 06

My ability would be to change matter,

So i could have beer coming out of my taps, change my old banger into a ferrari and cure any illness by changing tissue in a human body.

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