someone about to get their comeupance..

  Seth Haniel 16:24 15 Aug 07

click here

have to wait till friday...

  Brumas 16:29 15 Aug 07

I wish I could be there and see the moron's face when he is collared!

  Totally-braindead 17:09 15 Aug 07

Not exactly a candidate for Mastermind is he?

A fitting punishment would be to make him pay the bill for the damage as I'm sure that will be very expensive.

  Legolas 17:20 15 Aug 07

They should certainly pay for the damage and then put in the stocks in Glasgow green so we can show our displeasure ;-)

  Monoux 17:22 15 Aug 07

Given this is the UK whovever it was will, if actually caught, probably get no more than a caution, a slapped wrist at the most and certainly not anything that might deter future anti social behaviour

  Totally-braindead 17:24 15 Aug 07

You're right Monoux that will be the way they will go, tell him off and ask him not to do it again.

  amonra 17:36 15 Aug 07

He will probably come from a broken home, will have no money, only his £20 a month mobile phone as company, possibly in possession of "whacky- baccy", need I go on ????????????
"Naughty boy, dont do it again". End of story.

  Monoux 17:39 15 Aug 07

Legolas-- If only --- I would travel from sunny Suffolk to Glasgow with me rotten apples & tomatos to have a throw or two. Mind you I expect the Human Rights lawyers would have a field day if that actually happened. Nice to dream though !!

  HCOOH 17:43 15 Aug 07

If you did that in Singapore you would get a lengthy sentence in Changhi. Probably explains why there is no Grafitti or litter in the City.

  Bingalau 18:27 15 Aug 07

On behalf of the nicer people in Scouseland. May I say "Sorry"? Mind you it might be a "Manc" dropping us in it again.

  Legolas 19:18 15 Aug 07

We could always set up more stocks for the Human Rights lawyers now that would be fun.

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