And for some thing different

  carver 16:09 23 May 13

And for some thing different how about a plan for 'more nutritious' horsemeat ice cream enter link description here I just can't wait.

Personally with all the concerns about past events i e "mad cow disease" about using everything from animals I don't really fancy the idea.

Think I'll stick to just plain old ice cream.

  lotvic 16:35 23 May 13

Oh YUK "meaty nourishment such as guts, eyes, tendons, cartilage, other connective tissue of various kinds, brains, hooves, genitals etc etc"

  bumpkin 19:18 23 May 13

I would suggest it is made into a spread a bit like Marmite, then we could enjoy it on toast.

  carver 19:23 23 May 13

bumpkin your just weird and in need of medical help.

  bumpkin 19:29 23 May 13

Some better ideas, Eyespread,Tasty tendrons,cartilage and brain pie with crusty hoove pastry, assorted sweet and sour balls.

  carver 19:41 23 May 13

bumpkin I take it back, your past medical help, only one thing for it now, join the Conservatives.

  csqwared 20:09 23 May 13

Sheep/goat genitalia still very much on the menu in Mongolia, eyeballs around the Arabian peninsula, sheep brains in Hong Kong (had that) not to mention tripe, pigs trotters and brawn (had all those). Ice cream as a dessert sounds quite good.

  john bunyan 20:28 23 May 13

On military combat survival courses, I have eaten worm omelette's (chopped, with gulls eggs), mussels with nettles, snakes(tasty with curry),Wild boar liver, Durian, squirrel, sundry road kill, fish of all kinds. Also in Sarawak have eaten many unusual items. A particular revulsion, and I (maybe in their eyes rudely) refused even to attend - in China- was where a live monkey's head with the monkey in a tight cage under the table is brought in The monkeys head top is fixed in a hole in the centre of the table, the top half of the head removed and the diners eat the living brains. Quite the most barbaric thing I have heard of, apart for cannibalism.

  bumpkin 21:10 23 May 13

Carver, " your just weird and in need of medical help."

Just because my suggested menu does not appeal to you does not make me mentally ill as you are implying. Read some of the other postings for some more delicacies.

Have you never heard the term "one mans meat etc"

I thought your post was about food anyway not my political leanings.

  bumpkin 21:33 23 May 13

Eyes cream "balls" with entrail syrup for dessert.

  carver 23:23 23 May 13

bumpkin my posting was meant as a joke as I believed you had a sense of humour.

It appears I was wrong.

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