This is some really stunning action

  ams4127 05 Jun 12
  ams4127 05 Jun 12

Sorry, forgot to say that I got the link from another forum and thought I would pass it on.

  Forum Editor 05 Jun 12

Stunning as the action is, the precision eyesight deserves a mention. Being able to fly over rippling water at a considerable height, and spot a camouflaged fish some way beneath the surface is quite something.

  Chegs ®™ 06 Jun 12

That last fish made me chuckle as at one point it looks like the bird is surfing on a "skyboard" :)

  zzzz999 06 Jun 12

That is amazing, I didn't appreciate how deep the osprey was prepared to dive

  Quickbeam 06 Jun 12

Did anyone else notice that after the second dive, how it was shaking itself free of water whist in flight with prey like a shaggy dog that's just come out of the water with a stick?

And after the third dive, when it eventually got hold of the trout with two talons, it looked like Bart Simpson skateboarding through the air with a wry smile to camera as it showed off...

  Mr Mistoffelees 06 Jun 12

"That last fish made me chuckle as at one point it looks like the bird is surfing on a "skyboard" :)"

They will always carefully hold the fish like that to minimise drag whilst flying.

  cycoze 06 Jun 12

Fantastic footage, thanks for sharing it.

  amonra 06 Jun 12

Excellent, thanks for sharing.

  Aitchbee 06 Jun 12

I can't watch the footage, at the moment (on dial-up)...but the evocative descriptions given are a great trailer.

  ams4127 06 Jun 12


You'll enjoy it when you can finally see it!


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