Some of Our Stupid Laws

  jakimo 12:42 20 Feb 11

For instance>

You could be arrested for being inconsiderable enough to die in the Houses of Parliament

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  Woolwell 13:49 20 Feb 11

That article is nearly 3 years old.

  sunnystaines 14:09 20 Feb 11

treason act 1351.

you could get done for thinking ill will of the king/queen

  proudfoot 14:10 20 Feb 11

Some of the older laws still on the UK Statute book may seem a bit strange now but were pertinent and hard won at the time.
There have been dozens of more stupid "nanny state" laws placed on the Statute Book in the past few years that are making life almost unbearable at times.

  spuds 14:31 20 Feb 11

No laws are stupid, because they were conceived on the basis 'for all,and everyone' by legal experts, and brought into power by 'your' duly elected representatives ;o)

  userious? 14:44 20 Feb 11

How many here wont be going to Indonesia again?

  BT 16:56 20 Feb 11

it is illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle.

Reminds me of the instructions on a Sleep mask that I bought that said "Do not use while Driving" !

  Forum Editor 17:15 20 Feb 11

probably made sense when they were first passed. The world moves on, but the laws remain. They do no harm, and are usually repealed or amended if it seems necessary. They're not 'stupid' as you seem to think - just outdated.

  jakimo 17:19 20 Feb 11

'you could get done for thinking ill will of the king/queen'
The Tower of London will have to be extended then!
spuds..When was it not stupid for it to be illegal to die in the HOP.
----------------------------- being a committed to being a pedestrian, I find that many here do drive as though they are blindfolded,that is unless I'm invisible.

  Strawballs 17:47 20 Feb 11

Hackney carriages are supposed to carry a bail of hay in the back for the horse.

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