Some Nature Photos I took Today

  Proclaimer 18:14 22 Jun 10

Kestrel with Lunch & a Spider trying to get its Lunch too...
click here

  hssutton 19:10 22 Jun 10

Some nice photos, pity they're so small. The moth by the way is a Zygaena ephialtes Burnet Moth.

I consider Photo Express (Adobe)to be a far better online site than flickr for showing photos.

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  Proclaimer 20:10 22 Jun 10

Click on the Photos to see a larger image.

  rawprawn 20:21 22 Jun 10

I think they are really good, I took several shots of a humming bird moth in France last year, unfortunately either me or my camera weren't fast enough. I am very much a point and snap man, but I do enjoy nature.
I am fortunate in that we live in an area well stocked with wildlife, which I can enjoy even if my photographic skills are not too hot.

  rawprawn 20:25 22 Jun 10

Just to show you how bad [IMG]click here[/IMG]

  MAT ALAN 20:30 22 Jun 10

Nice job Proclaimer some great pics, think me fav is the cable stay...

what do the sepia toned pics look like in mono..

  sunnystaines 21:19 22 Jun 10

should have had a camera last week, saw a heron fly by then suddenly swerve round and dive onto the thames [by shepperton lock] and pluck a large fish in its beak as it flew away the fish must have been too heavy and wriggled free falling back too the river.

only ever seen herons take little fish before when they paddle around the banks.

  Forum Editor 23:38 22 Jun 10

Zygaena filipendulae - or six-spot Burnet, to give it its common name.

There are several varieties of Burnet moths, and they all look rather similar. All of them are day flying.

  anchor 09:04 23 Jun 10

Forum Editor: I admire your knowledge of moths.

You sound like my granddaughter, a graduate biologist, who loves creepy crawlies. During her student days she had a part time job going round fields in Bedfordshire collecting "bugs".

  hssutton 11:12 23 Jun 10

I think you will find it's a Zygaena ephialtes Burnet Moth as I posted in my previous comment and not the six spot as mentioned by the FE. I have a number of Burnet moth photos, but unfortunately not this particular one.

Six spot Burnet moth

click here

Transparent Burnet Moth

click here

click here

click here

  Proclaimer 21:05 23 Jun 10

I think 'Burnet Moth' will do for me.

I never actually clicked at the time, its a moth, out in the Sun. Never knew they did that.

I will have to post the Caterpillar too, see if you know what that is and what it will be...

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