Some dirty pictures for you

  octal 14:46 20 Nov 10

No it's not what you think, but have a look at these, it's a good example of why you should clean out the computer occasionally.
click here

  octal 14:48 20 Nov 10

Having said that I had to take out a server in our hospital and it was very much like that, it's a wonder the damned thing worked at all. I don't think the previous engineers ever touched it.

  wee eddie 15:51 20 Nov 10

and a stiff 1" (Natural Bristle) Paint brush, about once every couple of years. Mind you, if it were on the Floor rather than on the Desk Top, I would do it more often.

  iambeavis 16:25 20 Nov 10

And here's part 2 - click here

  Strawballs 17:23 20 Nov 10

They look like they were from an industrial place, I work in a shipyard and our office is a portacabin style office inside the building hall and everything gets covered in that colour dust and I would guess that is what all ours look like inside.

  octal 18:44 20 Nov 10

I remember a few years ago when I used to work on photographic processing/printing equipment. I was sent to the Met police labs in south London because they were complaining of colour shifts in their prints.

The lab manager showed me what was happening and sure enough there was severe colour shift that seemed to happen over a period of time during the day. I think I spent about two days fiddling with this machine and getting nowhere. If anyone has done colour balancing then you'll know how tedious it is. On the third day I thought it must be an electronic fault, even though all the test points were reading correctly, so I went around the back of the machine and started sliding the PCB's out of the rack, I couldn't believe what I was met with, the dust was piled high across all the chips.

Out came the vacuum cleaner and after an hour all was working correctly. Bearing in mind this was supposed to be a clean lab I was amazed at the amount of dust electronic devices accumulate and the dust can be quite conductive in sensitive electronics.

Who remembers the archy sparkies in the old CRT tellies? That was caused by dust.

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