Is this software worth anything

  Sapins 21:15 12 Dec 10

Microsoft works suite 2000, discs 1 to 8 and Windows 98 SE.

  mr simon 21:21 12 Dec 10

You could always eBay them, but if you get more than £15 for both I would be surprised.

  MAT ALAN 21:42 12 Dec 10

keeping my set, still boxed...

  spuds 22:13 12 Dec 10

Looks like there is a couple of Windows 98se being sold by the same person on eBay. They are asking £10.00 + £2.50 p/p as a starting price. Auction finishes in 3 days 16 hours.

The Works Suite 2000 (8 disks) is on start offer at 99p + £4.00 p/p. Auction finishes in 2 days 19 hours.

  Toneman 09:51 13 Dec 10

Just curious, why should anyone want W98?

  Covergirl 10:00 13 Dec 10

Possibly an enthusiast trying to resurrect an old system incapable of running anything newer?

Works 2000 on 8 discs - that must be floppies then. Best contact the Science Museum, although I would guess they're not short of a copy or three.

Try the Antiques Roadshow !! :)

  Sapins 10:16 13 Dec 10

Do you mind, they're on Cd's.

I'll have a look on E-Bay to see what they go for and then decide.

I wonder if Mr.Gates will take them in part exchange for Windows 7!

  Quickbeam 10:23 13 Dec 10

Software is limited life product. What you have is as much use as the coffee jar full of rusty and bent nails that everyone keeps in the garage, just in case they become useful one day... They never do though.

  MAT ALAN 11:28 13 Dec 10

Software is limited life product.

How long do you think that is...
click here


  Quickbeam 12:43 13 Dec 10

That's hardware degradation.

You can transfer the data to newer storage as needed, but who'd want to use early versions of spreadsheet and graphic software from only 10 years ago when we know what the new stuff can do now?
Would you want a car from the '70s made at Longbridge knowing how reliable and well equipped modern cars are?

Of course there'll always be the odd oddball that will want that sort of stuff, but generally today's high technology is tomorrows dated and worthless junk.

  jakimo 13:07 13 Dec 10

For the very reason that Quickbeam points out,although burnt on quality cd|dvs I copy valued disc's every three years,,it should also be remembered that bought blank disc's,because of their structure do not have the longevity of commercial burnt disc's.

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