Software Pirates Favour XP

  Condom 16:01 22 Oct 08

Me-thinks that the Pirates are just like bookies and know best. Seems Office 2003 is also still favoured above 2007.

  Stuartli 20:14 22 Oct 08

The point is?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:42 22 Oct 08

unless there's a link. (links to wikipedia dont count)


  Condom 21:12 22 Oct 08

Sorry I think I must be the only person to have read story number 2 on the newsletter today. It is a story released by Microsoft.

  MAT ALAN 21:28 22 Oct 08
  Forum Editor 22:51 22 Oct 08

software pirates will go for the easier target first. They'll get around to Vista and Office 2007 eventually as demand for Windows XP and Office 2003 tails off.

  Condom 23:17 22 Oct 08

Nice to see us agreeing on something.

Before I came back from the far east in June both Vista and Office 2007 were readily available in the markets in Bangkok, Vientienne and Ho CHi Minh City for less than £2 each. Some of my colleagues out there used them at home without problems but most still use XP and 2003 not because they can't get the newer versions but because they don't have the money to upgrade their PC's. Pirate software is so cheap out there but you still need the hardware which is often beyond the reach of the average worker. People even copy the pirated copies for friends.

Once this hardware problem is overcome Microsoft might find itself in a similar ballgame to XP especially if the new Win 7 only needs the same level of hardware as Vista.

Time will tell but I suspect that we will have different levels of piracy in different countries all round the world, just like today.

  laurie53 08:04 23 Oct 08

"story number 2 on the newsletter today. "

What or who's newsletter?

  Condom 20:49 23 Oct 08

The official PCA newsletter. MAT ALAN posted the link above. If you don't get it you can sign up for free and it comes 2 or 3 times a week. It is actually one of the better things PCA do.

  laurie53 08:48 24 Oct 08


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