sodd orf you lot

  Algerian peter ™ 06 Nov 12

I'm off for a bucket full of cash and me face spread all over the tele.

MP Nadine Dorries to abandon her constituents and country to make a bucket full of cash and maybee change her career.

Good move or bad?

  canarieslover 06 Nov 12

M.P. seems to be considered only a part time job. Just wish I could get a part time job that was as well paid and enabled me to claim expenses for lots of desirable things.

  passing through 06 Nov 12


Will she claim, on expenses, her flight back to the UK if she is needed in a crucial vote.

Or does Prime Minister Mr. Cameron have enough headaches at the moment and sack her. By the reaction of some of her constituents on sky news, I don't think she has much support over her decision.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Nov 12

If people are watching I'm A Celebrity, that is where MPs should be going.

Sums up just how much in touch with reality this Tory MP is.

  kad60 06 Nov 12


is that not an oxymoron in respect to politicians,?

  csqwared 06 Nov 12


I'm tempted to say you've used one syllable too many where she is concerned.

  kad60 06 Nov 12

Be tempted.!! he he

I have just seen that she has had the whip withdrawn from her. The Conservative party have suspended her and the cheif whip will talk to her when she returns from Australia in around a months time, I expect a few constituents will be waiting at her surgery for a chat also.

  michaelw 07 Nov 12

Still, it'll be satisfying to watch her stuffing witchetty grubs into her mouth.

  john bunyan 07 Nov 12

If I were in her constituency I would call for her immediate resignation and de - selection. Also she should have her parliamentary pay suspended.


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