So why don’t I throw them away?

  pj123 14:20 23 Apr 08

I have a floor to ceiling wall rack with hundreds of CDs/DVDs/Floppy disks that I have collected over the years. Mostly from PC Magazine Cover discs.

At least 90 percent of them are now useless on todays PCs.

As the title, why don’t I throw them away.

I don’t know. I guess I have to be ruthless and think: “if I haven’t used it for over a year, I don’t want it”

For example: I am now on Nero 6.6 but I still have Nero 5.5 CD. I am happy with Microsoft Office 2000 but I still have MS Office 97, etc…

What is it that compels me to keep all this old stuff?

Anyone else in the same boat?

200 playstation 1 games, ps1 broke 5 years ago. nearly 100 p/s 2 games, why do i keep them?
because you never know and what else could i put on that bookcase?
thinking about it i may just give hogs of war a game, now i couldnt do that if i had thrown them away!
box of parts (spare parts)
amd 3500, amd 5200, asus nodusm mobo, 6 cpu coolers, ge force 7600gt, 8800 gts 320 mb x2, 1x case, 4x speakers, 3x webcams, 4 x eide drives (keeping for security reasons)loads of fans, windows vista 32 bit ultimate(probably throw that)3x psus, 2x 21" tft, a 19"tft.
all this junk is under 3 years old cost a fortune, and is now fairly worthless.

  Jim Thing 15:08 23 Apr 08

"Anyone else in the same boat?"

Not guilty, chief. I'm fairly ruthless when it comes to ditching old software. I do have a huge collection of empty CD jewelboxes though — they may come in handy one day, you see...

I'm willing to donate the whole lot to the nation on condition that whoever is in charge these days sends yon Gordie Broon round to my place to collect them (I want a word wi' that fella).

  pj123 15:33 23 Apr 08

adman 2, forgot about those bits.

Yes, I have boxes of old graphics cards, dialup modem cards, sound cards etc. I just found rather a lot of old sim memory, mostly 256kb sticks???

Plus just found an 850mb (yes 850mb) hard drive and also a 1.2gb SCSI hard drive.

I guess my bin is going to be full this week.

  Si_L 15:47 23 Apr 08

Do you really have an 8800 gts just lying around in a box? Are they not quite new graphics cards?

  kingisangus 16:41 23 Apr 08

'8800 gts 320 mb x2' You need to either get that stuff on Ebay ASAP or let one of us take this worthless junk off your hands! Have car, will travel!

click here
mine are 320 mb, it makes me wonder why so many people are worried about shortening the lives by overclocking, or running them how they were designed in the case of coolbits.

bid was £21 when posted btw.

  SB23 17:00 23 Apr 08

I drive my wife nuts with the stuff I have in our wardrobe.
I've got old playstation games, (playstation went in the bin about 6 years ago), old books from many Xmas's ago, radio control units, (receivers, servo units, switches, transmitters etc from 2 Tamya radio controlled cars I built and raced, when I was 16-18, btw I'm 41 now), a vast collection of old free software, and bits from upgrades to my current pc, including 2 drives and an old hd.
The other day, I even found pumps, filters and tubing from when I used to keep fish when I lived with my parents in Wales, and I still can't work out how they got to Lincolnshire!

As for your original question, "So why don’t I throw them away?", I'll be honest and say I can't.
The radio stuff I'll keep as I want to start building them and racing again. The fish stuff, you guessed it, I want to use again, the rest, we'll see.

Can someone just tell the wife for me, lol!


  Pineman100 17:14 23 Apr 08

Because you never know when you just might need them.

I have a shed full of scrappy old bits of wood, MDF and chipboard; a garage full of boxes of greasy old bolts, bearings and unidentifiable bits of steel; a greenhouse full of hundreds of old plastic plant pots.

I know that I shall never need any of them until the day after I throw them away.

So I'm just playing safe.

  mrwoowoo 17:50 23 Apr 08

£41.00 with 2 days still to go.
click here
Surely worth puting some on ebay.

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