Snow vehicle

  Curio 20:35 09 Feb 09

I wonder why this did not catch on. Been around since 1924.
click here

  MAT ALAN 20:40 09 Feb 09

Amazing bit of kit,gotta get me one of those...

  AL47 20:52 09 Feb 09

i was expecting a rubbish vid,

turned out to be quite impressive

  perpetual motion 21:06 09 Feb 09

YEAH very intresting indeed, "IF" that had been adjusted & a new chasis made of ALLOY with a lighter engine that would also work very well in a lake...

Great find Curio!!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:19 09 Feb 09

A vehicle based on this principle was used sucessfully a few years ago for a crossing of the bering straits.

Despite the claims in the movie clip, longevity of the helical ridges *was* and issue. But as perpetual motion points out newer materials may solve this problem


  wiz-king 05:43 10 Feb 09

I don't think 'elf and safety would like those drive chains!

  Chegs ®™ 06:12 10 Feb 09

WTM has mentioned the vehicle I 1st thought of on seeing this video.The guy that did the crossing also explained that even when the ridges were made stronger,they still were damaged by unseen(in his case,ice) objects or they broke away from the cylinders.

The drive doesnt have to be chains,I recall the one that crossed the beiring straits had shafts.Though the health & safety issues from the exposed cylinders as you drove through populated areas would need some careful thought. :)

  Quickbeam 06:35 10 Feb 09

Probably because it can only work on snow or ice. Modern ice trackers can drive on or over road surfaces too. click here

  Quickbeam 06:38 10 Feb 09

Also, as per wiz-king's H&S point, what would happen if that load of logs on the street ran someone over? It looks remarkable like a mincing machine without safety guards!

  crosstrainer 07:30 10 Feb 09

Your pets too :))

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