Snow Socks?

  Diemmess 10:33 26 Jan 09

An alternative to snow chains for the "wheels"
Several outlets advertise on the net.

Has anyone any experience of these things?
From the adverts. they would seem to be like removable bonnets to fit over a driven wheel.

IF ---- they work and don't wear out in 5 minutes, it would be a good idea to slip a pair in the boot in case of sudden snowfall.

If they are just another crazy idea like so many gizmos in the ads of weekend colour supplements then they will vanish from the scene.

Honest-John from the Telegraph motoring section will only say (via email) he "has heard of them!"

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:49 26 Jan 09
  Quickbeam 11:15 26 Jan 09

Whatever you get, they tend to be 'get out of a spot' only solutions, ie, a slippery car park or driveway. If you drive far with them on, as little as a mile they're buggered.

My sister lives in Northern Italy and in the winter they carry snow chains with them. Again once you get the car of the packed snow surface they must be removed.

I bought a set of chains in 1984, and have yet to use them... so I really wouldn't bother in this country.

  Noldi 11:16 26 Jan 09

I live in Switzerland and we have not seen anything like that here. Snow chains have inproved fitting wise but with the correct tyres you don’t really need any help to gain traction. I would say a bit of a gismo that will not last.

Looking at the picture there is several strips going across the sock with a nice flat surface between I would not like to try coming down an icy hill with them.


  Quickbeam 11:16 26 Jan 09

A shovel in the boot is the simplest and cheapest solution.

  Diemmess 11:50 26 Jan 09

Motorworld (Nearest accessory shop) looked a bit puzzled. Offered me some warm socks meant as welly liners!

Just curious really.
My needs are Social Domestic and Pleasure only these days.

25 years ago was the last time this area had serious snow.
I had to make a cross country journey to help my mother. Dad had died the night before.
A Range Rover made light work of several inches of snow and freezing fog, but here and there I had to wait while something jammed across the road was shifted.
Increased traffic these days might well jam everything completely.

  Chegs ®™ 12:08 26 Jan 09

Essential kit for winter,wellies,shovel,and a length of strong cord.This cord can be used as a temporary snow sock/chain & doesnt damage the tyres like a chain would.

  laurie53 20:24 26 Jan 09

Not new.

I wore socks over my shoes to get to school in 1947!

  Brumas 20:59 26 Jan 09

You could afford shoes.....;o)

  laurie53 08:01 27 Jan 09

Canadian aid parcels!

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