Snow snow, here we go.

  Blackhat 04 Feb 12

Just started in Birmingham, however, we are forecast rain for Sunday so it may not last long. According to BBC Weather we are due about 4 inches. If this is all we get this winter then we will have had a lucky escape compared to the last few winters.

Anyone having it bad?

  Quickbeam 04 Feb 12

A flurry in South Yorks.

  sunnystaines 04 Feb 12

was -7.5c this morning but no snow clear blue sky

  lucky1 04 Feb 12

Pouring with rain here in Central Scotland, and very cold to boot.

  Brumas 04 Feb 12

Thankfully it is just rain here in North Northumberland at the present.

  Quickbeam 04 Feb 12

What's it like in South Southumberland?

  Brumas 04 Feb 12

Quickbeam, Bug Roff! ;o)

  Quickbeam 04 Feb 12

Our flurry can be upgraded to a light blizzard now.

I hope it doesn't get worse, I have to get to the cricket club to watch the Rugby, I could be some time:)

  OTT_B 04 Feb 12

Nothing here yet, as is the current forecast.....but then then forecast has been changing every few hours for the last couple of days, so that the snow is always 6 hours away!

  wiz-king 04 Feb 12

No snow (yet) in Surrey but the sky looks full of it. Still trying to thaw the pond pump and filter out - -9 last night froze it up!

  Bingalau 04 Feb 12

No snow here yet in "God's Little Acre" but it's been raining and miserable all day. I was surprised this morning when I found no frost on my car, so took a five minute drive to get essentials, When I put my windscreen wipers on to clear the rain from the screen as I was driving along, the wipers were spreading it across the screen as a thin sheet of ice. Weird!

Now hoping that the snow as forecast, does not materialise.


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