tanzanitre 13:09 20 Jan 05

Ok say i was slightly suspicious of a certain persons online activity,is there such a program that i could use to monitor it? (obviously without them knowing)


  Cook2 13:38 20 Jan 05

Providing they don't have a program to eliminate their tracks, try going to Start - Search and type in *.URL and you'll get a list. You can clcik on any one of these and you'll go to the site.

  tanzanitre 13:43 20 Jan 05

Theres an internet clean up done,reason im suspicious when i done ccleaner it lists what its deleted,theres loadsa sites in there that i wasnt visiting.

  Cook2 13:47 20 Jan 05

I find the same with CCleaner. You'll find quite a few duplicates of doubleclick and the like.

  Cook2 13:56 20 Jan 05

I just did a test and it looks like CCleaner may not be doing it's job properly.

I deleted everything with CCleaner.

Logged onto PCAdvisor and ran CCleaner again.

Another long list appeared.


  tanzanitre 14:41 20 Jan 05

Works for me,have you all the ticks in boxes?

Neway back to question any ideas?


  tanzanitre 17:29 20 Jan 05


  tanzanitre 18:01 20 Jan 05

FE.Nice person you are :-),same as im not having much luck on this forum,could you move it to the Helproom? Would help my sanity!!

  end 22:22 20 Jan 05

to do this "legally" dont u need "good reasons " for doing it? and this site is very clear on "illegal activity" and the non-promoting of same:)

we have our on-line activity scrutinised by the Admin , and we see, at long on, a screan warning us of such ; are u suspicious that someone is abusing something? and have u sent an e mail to all your employees (or contacts over which u have "juristiction ) advising them of "proper conduct" while on work PC"s?

  tanzanitre 23:52 20 Jan 05

Oh no this is strictly personal use only,as in internet activity from my pc!!

  end 00:06 21 Jan 05

I recall a thread on a similar "vein" a long while back ; I think you may have to install a particular program on your PC that "monitors" where other users are going and what doing ;can you give your OS etc please for the experts to give a stab at this? If I can find the other thread I"ll post a link for you.

Our computers at work are closely scrutinized for all sites we visit, and a warning has only recently been given that some people have intentionally been "misusing " hospital property by visiting "inappropriate sites" , and that they face dismissal for knowingly so doing:(

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