Snob, Pleb or Chav?

  Quickbeam 25 Sep 12

Which are you? Trivia Quiz

I'm very close to the division line, but which one...

  interzone55 25 Sep 12

It appears I'm a plebeian, one of the general populace.

I know my place...

  Aitchbee 25 Sep 12

I'm none of the above ... 'cos I'm a slob ... a pleb with attitude [Lazy].

  interzone55 25 Sep 12


A slob probably fits into the Daily Express definition of a chav

  Bing.alau 25 Sep 12

It's got to be a Pleb for me 'cos our FE converted me in to a "Kindleite". innit?

  Quickbeam 25 Sep 12


You sound dangerously close to the Chav category;)

  spuds 25 Sep 12

Well that's it then, mainly 'C' so that make me a Chav (whatever that is?).

My friends and those that know me, might think otherwise, depending on whether borrowing or giving. I'll now go out and find something to kick :O(

  Joseph Kerr 25 Sep 12

Well, I'm not doing that. Once my net connection played ball by dragging itself kicking and screaming from the dial up era, I found it's appallingly laid out and doesn't keep your tally for you.

Don't care what that makes me (very uptight, for one)!

  Bing.alau 25 Sep 12

"I look down on him, but I look up to him" That Two Ronnie's sketch comes to mind with this lot doesn't it? (I know my place too).

  Strawballs 25 Sep 12

CHAV (council house and violence) I don't remember seeing Aitchbee saying he lives in a council house and a slob does not mean violence.

  Aitchbee 25 Sep 12

Thanks for putting the records straight Strawballs ... I live in a bought house and wouldn't say 'boo to a goose' :o)


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