SNARF your emails for free.

  TOPCAT® 13:44 06 Dec 05

If you get many emails each day then you've probably been wishing there was a way to sort them based on, for instance, whether they're from people to whom you've recently sent email.

Well, that's exactly the kind of thing that a new software programme, the Social Network And Relationship Finder (SNARF) attempts to do. It uses a technique called "social sorting" that uses your past emailing history to determine who your friends or important business colleagues are. It's a free download from Microsoft Research. TC.

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  DieSse 14:24 06 Dec 05

*It uses a technique called "social sorting" that uses your past emailing history to determine who your friends or important business colleagues are.*

Do we really need software to tell us who our friends and important business colleagues are? Looks like a technology in search of a need to me!

  wiz-king 19:26 06 Dec 05

will it be clever enough to rate my girlfrieds emails above my wifes and then hide them?
.only jokeing! SWMBO come first--really.

  VoG II 20:58 06 Dec 05

Thanks TC. I'm giving it a trial just to see what it does - although I can't see it of being a great benefit for home PCs. Work might be a different issue but we don't use Outlook :o(

  Forum Editor 23:13 06 Dec 05

the first technical beta of Microsoft Office 12. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft, and until that's lifted I'm not supposed to discuss any of the new features etc.

I don't suppose I'll go to prison if I tell you that the new version of Outlook will have some neat tools for sorting/marking email according to customised categories.

I'm with the others on 'social sorting' however - I can't see that software can be better than me at deciding who my friends and important business contacts are.

  Canis meus id co 23:21 06 Dec 05

Ah yes, a friend decided to take the naughty route and install a leaked version of Office 12 a couple of weeks ago.

All looks very nice, but from what I could see it looked a touch slow. Naturally something that will be addressed before release (we hope!). Or patched after release (we hope not!!)

I didn't think Outlook 12 looked much different than 2003, but Word was certainly a different monster. Creating, editing and formatting documents seemed a little more 'serial' with the new toolbars.

I'm sure it will be great, but unless MS decide to sell it for less than £100 I think I'll be giving it a miss.

Didn't look at Access at all though.

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